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Two Events that will change Tootsville Forever!
December 31, 2009

Starting in the middle of January, I will host the second……………Tootlympics! All will compete, one will win!  WOOT! I will start planning soon and just maybe, I will ask Tootsville to make a special Pivit for the Winner!   The second event will happen either near the VERY end of January or the middle of Febuary!  It is the very first…………………………………….Tootvivor!  Sixteen will compete and only one will win! Who will it be! Find out in Febuary 2010! Leave a comment if you want to be in Tootvivor! Everyone can compete in Tootlympics! Be there!


TEVIT Secret Clue #2!
December 31, 2009

The Next Clue is shown above!   If you can’t read what it says, it says,” Did you ever hear the sayin, Second Verse, same as the first? That would come in handy right now!

End of Comment!
December 31, 2009

The rest of the comment is……………… A JACKPOT OF NEW PIVITS! WOOT! Check the post called,” Dont call Snowcone anymore”, and it will be there!

Another Comment from Mayor!
December 31, 2009

I will post the comment later tonight because its a HUGE secret at the moment. But right now i cant tell you he said Snowcone loves it when you call for him. So chant away! Sometimes he may not naswer because he’s on quests that take him accros the Tootiverse. Then he said hes also getting ready for a New Quest! He says it will benifit Louis and Props ( I have NO idea what it could be).  Also, at the end, there was PS. But i CANNOT tell you what it is……………………..yet. Come on later tonight and i’ll post the rest!Also there is something BIG on it’s way, and it is the same big thing as Krazy Kids.

Don’t call snowcone anymore!
December 31, 2009

Hello fellow toots! Cat,swettie,and I(Krazykid) were just on tootsville when we thought we should call snowcone over and over again.

We all got a pop-up from admin that said NEVER to do that again it makes snowcone NOT want to come!

So from now on don’t call snowcone over and over again!


Chip and Lilo’s New Years Countdown Extravaganza!
December 28, 2009

The New Years Party is now shared by Me and Mr.Chip! WOOT! We will play games and don’t forget, I will announce the VERY LAST TEVIT! (For now………)  Be there and we will Count Down bot the Eastern coasts and the Central peoples New Year!  WOOT! Be there!

Shade pops up!
December 28, 2009

Today Shade popped up out of no where and said he reads my blog, and likes it!

Cool, right?

Clue #1 to TEVIT Super Secret!
December 28, 2009

OK! I have made the TEVIT Secret! You can find clues and find the very very special Surprise! WOOT! Here is clue #1!

New Comment from Mayor Louis!
December 28, 2009

Here it is!


I can assure you we did not overlook the wonderful ideas you all had in reguards to the TEVIT Pivit. The Badmitten birdy is just an ordanary Pivit and has nothing to do with the new pivit we are making. We love new ideas and these groups that are popping up all over Tootsville are Tootastic! So be patient it will be worth the wait.
The Mayor Tootsville

WOOT! I wonder if it will be done on New Years Eve when we have our New Years Countdown Extravaganza! Meet you there! Wouldn’t it actually be cool if it was ready EXACTLY at Midnight Est! Well, I will tell you all when his next comment comes because i emailed him to leave a comment to answer a question! See you all soon Toots!

Clearing up the misunderstanding of the TEVIT’s
December 27, 2009

Ok, so there are many of you Toots out there who think the TEVIT’s are unfair. I understand how this assumption can be made because of the limited slots in the club. This is how it works, though. You have to answer a question or win a contest to become one. There are only 10 slots for now so the space is limited. Altough I am considering allowing ONE new person in ever month or so, so don’t be discouraged. For those of you who still  think it’s unfair or don’t understand, please feel free to leave a comment.