Don’t call snowcone anymore!

Hello fellow toots! Cat,swettie,and I(Krazykid) were just on tootsville when we thought we should call snowcone over and over again.

We all got a pop-up from admin that said NEVER to do that again it makes snowcone NOT want to come!

So from now on don’t call snowcone over and over again!



9 Responses

  1. really weird it always seemed to work i never thought that would happen

  2. Actually Snowcone loves it when Toots ask for him. So chant away. Snowcone will not always be able to make it, due to his many responsibilities that take him all over the Tootiverse.

    Right now… Snowcone is getting ready for an all new quest, in which he will be assisting both Props and I with. So keep Snowcone in your heart and mind and he will always be with you.

    Your Friend,
    The Mayor of Tootsville

    P.S. By the way, a little secret that you can post – starting next month… There will be a secret stash of brand new, exclusive Pivtiz™ for all to find. More news to come.

  3. Did that pop up really say that KrazyKid?

  4. yes pufflegirl it really did say that. we think it was shade trying to by snowcone or hes just being mean as always.

  5. lol that is really weird

  6. I just met krazy kids cuz on toots ville.

  7. WOW! There was a fake Cupcake once, who actually talked, but looked nothing like Cupcake, and the C wasn’t even capitalized. Then I said she was fake, and something popped up saying: “Cupcake is real.”
    It’s true!

  8. wow read that weird

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