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New Book!
January 31, 2010

Soon you will be able to get Tootsville books written by ME! I will post them on a new page like the Wallpapers and you can print them out or read them!


Puppet Party Postponed!
January 31, 2010

Sorry! It will be at Seven Fourty Five Central! Be there! It’s still tonight!

Puppet’s Birthday Party!!!
January 28, 2010

Puppet’s Birthday is nexy Wednesday! This Saturday, at 6:00 EST and 5:00 Central to 7:30 EST and 6:30 Central, we will have an AWESOME party! I will appoint FOUR TOOTS (unincluding me) to design an AWESOME place for it and a planner! I will post them right now! These Toots are people who are useful for this situation. I will post their jobs and names.

           Krazykid: Host/Designer/Planner/Supervisor/Advertiser

           Readhpfivetimes: Designer

           Swettie: Designer/Planner/Supervisor

          Mrchip: Designer/Planner

         Liloj: Host/designer/planner/supervisor/advertisor/party president

       Thats it! I chose these people because I have actually been planning this for two months and asking Puppet what her best Toot friends are. She gave me these four answers. This party is actually a SURPRISE! KEEP IT FROM PUPPET! If you are one of the Toots who can help, comment saying you can and I will tell you when we can meet. Be there this Saturday!

Tootvivor Postponed!
January 28, 2010

Sorry everyone! I have to postpone Tootvivor! I am re-doing ALL teams because i noticed most of the people who signed up are NEVER on! I am also making a theme song for this season! I don’t know if there will be sound, but i’ll try! I will post the date soon. I am thinking two weeks from the original date, but i’m not sure, so check back soon!

January 22, 2010

OK! The Date is out! Next Thursday is the very first episode. I will see you all there! IF YOUR NOT ONE OF THE CONTESTANTS,YOU CANNOT BE THERE! You may look at the episode though!

Tootvivor Trailer!
January 18, 2010

            The wait is over! The Tootvivor Trailer is here!  WOOT! To get to it, click on the link below. Then you gotta run it and wait and just go forward. Make sure theres volume, theres some cool music!


New Update!
January 17, 2010

WOOT! Now you can get yoour own FREE Toots Exclusive Wallpapers! You can get the one shown on the homepage and a new one I just finished! You can get them and make them your wallpaper on your desktop!

Writing Contest!
January 17, 2010

I will be hosting a Writing Contest starting today and ending on Febuary 9th. There are five subjects which you must write about. The rules are simple. The story must be original. It must be more than 500 words but less than 3000. The story MUST be about one of the topics and at the top of each entry must be posted a number , 1 2 3 4 or 5. This will tell me what subject you are writing about! The subjects are…………………………………………………..

1: The Ultimate Shade Battle

2: The Quest for the Golden Toot

3: The Toot Time Machine

4: A Toot Roadtrip

5: The Secret Tootiety

These are the subjects! Have fun! Make sure not to use text talk, only real words! I think the three winners will become TEVIT’s! Be creative and have fun! My email address is Send your entries there!

The House Contest Winner!
January 17, 2010

 The only people who actually participated were agg, waddle, and mrchip, so they may get a small prize in the future. But only one person can win the contest, so the winner is ……………………………. Waddle! Good job! You will get a one month membership but not for like four months! I’ve gotta wait until they’re out in book orders and stuff, then I can give you one! Great job to everyone who did it! Krazykid was supposed to judge, but he hasn’t been seen all day! Another contest starting tonight at about eight!

Interview Answers!
January 14, 2010

Today around 4:20 me and Puppet had the interview with Louis! Here are the Questions and anwers. But first, I want to say that he gave me a BIG sneak peek and i’m the first one to get it! There is actually a book coming out ALL about Shade! It shows how he went from good to bad! Can’t wait!

Q: What inspired you to create a Childerens Website?

A: Well, I have been creating Theme Parks around the World, so I thought it would be cool to create one online that everyone to go on!

Q: What are some procedures you need to go through to make a website such as Tootsville?

A: Wow. Tough one! Thats a BIG question! There are many things to go through. The major thing is to get the story line very strong. I mean, Toots and Tootsville came before the actuall Site. Each Toot has a different personality. We have the best programmers.

Q: What is it like maintaining Tootsville?

A: We have a BIG crew. We have dedicated engineers. There are many divisions from artists, to programmers, to teachers, to lifeguards, and support. Toot U is just starting out. We want to make the Tootering Program REALLY strong.

Q: Why is Tootsville based on Wishes?

A:I have always had a fasination in Wishes. There are good wishes, selfish wishes, and mean ones. In Tootsville, Wishes REALLY DO come true! It lets everyone REALLY open they’re minds!

Q: What sets you apart from other childerens websites?

A: We want to make Toots feel at home.

Q: What are some tips you could give to someone looking to create a childerens website.

A: You must think about it before you even start it. Make sure its well thought out. Also make sure there is a strong theme.

Q: What made you choose the name “Tootsville”?

A: We were going to call it Tootopolis, but Tootsville is more friendly and down to Earth, and Toottown just sounded Goofy!

Q: Is working at Tootsville your only job?

A: Tootsville is my only job although I also have some other creations we are working on right now.

Q: Will Memberships and Plushes ever be available in stores such as Target or Hallmark?

A: Yes they will. We have signed a deal with Scholastic to represent Toots around the World!

Q:Whats it like having to deal with the requests and the complaints?

A: LOL! Its like taking medicine you really don’t want to take but has to be done to make things get better.

Q: How do you come up with these different Worlds, Characters and Events?

A: I have a very active imagination my whole life. I have been creating, and I have a passion for it.

Q: Can you give me any sneak peeks of things coming this year?

A: The biggest one is Tootbook. You will be able to costumize your own page. You will be able to trade and share with your friends. Also, I will invite you, Puppet, and two friends to go to Toot Testers, a new beta site for Tootbook!

WOOT! AWESOME INTERVIEW! With the Toot Testers, I want NO ONE to influence who me or Puppet pick! Or else we just won’t pick you! I will decide in time! But he also told me he helped make major Disney Parks, Ripley Believe-it-or-not Parks, and even a big one in Saudia Arabia! HE IS SO COOL! I never expected the answers i got tonight! Thank you Mayor Louis!