Wow! There is fourteen secret pivits for today! Ten of them are Props flying high pivits! I have all ten! Four are New Year Pivits! One of the pivits is members only. Its the Disco Ball With 2010 on it! Its behind Toot Burger near Toot¬† Travel.¬† The confetti one is a Toot U behind a stone wall with a flag on top. The green party hat is behind the fence at Square West. It is a secret passage that is tough to get to. You must go behind the theater and travel over. The black top hat is behind the judges desk at Toots Idol. Now for the Props Flying High Pivits! This will take awhile! The Hot Air Balloon is at Toot Castle outside behind the right brick wall. The Props Toot is behind the Prize Counter at Toot Arcade. The Red Jet is at Big Tree in the Mushroom House. The Old Airplane rode by Props is at Circus behind the Cage. The Helicopter is at Toot Speedway in the upper left corner of the bleachers. The Rocket is at Moon Base T in these rocks in the home of Moon Base. Its a BIG Stalagmite thats red between the Science Lab and the other building. The Flying Award is in the Theater in on of the seats in the left back row. You gotta find it! Oddly, i don’t remember where the Blimp, Normal Plane and the Zap Attack Ship. Thats all for now!


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  1. Actually all of them are VIT only.

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