Tootvivor Teams and Logo!

I have two teams for Sixteen Toots. The Teams are Red and Blue. I will name the teams better later! Here is the list of Toots on what Teams!

        Red:                                                                                                      Blue:

       Vince Devin                                                                                      Puppet

        Efeana                                                                                                 Krazykid

       Starnightlol                                                                                           Med

       Swettie                                                                                                   Roses

      Mr Chip                                                                                                 Mayor Louis

       Girly                                                                                                        Shadow

       Pimimimi                                                                                              Scamper

        Web                                                                                                       Flappyperry

THESE ARE PLACED IN NO PRETICULAR ORDER! THIS WAS ALL RANDOM! I PUT YOUR NAMES ON CARDS AND PICKED OUT OF A BOX! The rules are if you miss Three Episodes, your out. I will turn each episode into a slideshow and put it in a new blog i am making called Tootvivor. Im creative aren’t I? Lol! Anyways, here is this seasons Tootvivor Logo! It will also show the location of it for this season.

This is gonna ROCK! I will post a trailer and the date soon!


8 Responses


  2. Hey,I know if you miss three shows your out but I have chruch on sundays and wednesdays so I most likely won’t be there!(If it’s at night or morning) Sorry.:(

  3. hello? i really want to be in tootviver hello?

  4. hey dude why arent i on any of the teams???!!!

  5. Why? This is just going to turn into another blog. It is pointless anyway.

  6. Your comments are pointless Chaos. They benefit no one, so stop leaving them. Your input is no longer welcome.

  7. Same as puffgirl!

  8. How come I can’t do it? Is it over yet? Wow, this is gonna be super-duper fun and exciting! Tell me all about it if I miss it!

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