Writing Contest!

I will be hosting a Writing Contest starting today and ending on Febuary 9th. There are five subjects which you must write about. The rules are simple. The story must be original. It must be more than 500 words but less than 3000. The story MUST be about one of the topics and at the top of each entry must be posted a number , 1 2 3 4 or 5. This will tell me what subject you are writing about! The subjects are…………………………………………………..

1: The Ultimate Shade Battle

2: The Quest for the Golden Toot

3: The Toot Time Machine

4: A Toot Roadtrip

5: The Secret Tootiety

These are the subjects! Have fun! Make sure not to use text talk, only real words! I think the three winners will become TEVIT’s! Be creative and have fun! My email address is jeckmann@charter.net. Send your entries there!


9 Responses

  1. I have questions:
    1. Can the story be made up about Tootsville?
    2. What if you win, and you’re already a TEVIT; can you give the TEVIT opportunity to someone else?
    3. Cool!

  2. hehe yeah. cool! I love writing!

  3. umm………….ok? If i do that then you will have access to my real email…..so…no

  4. i’m choosing 4!
    i’ll give a hint out to everyone

    lae lah and chris

  5. Hmm How many people have entered so far. And please don’t play favorites. For example: You might choose you friends story/

  6. umm maybe ill do that

  7. GRR! How can my writing be TOO good? GRR, GRR, GRR! You and Krazy are unbelieveable!

  8. Jeckmann?! What the…? Is that your last name or something?

    Feel the love of the ’70s! (LOL)

  9. my email is hopechandler@hotmail.com
    on facebook my username is elizabeth chande

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