Puppet’s Birthday Party!!!

Puppet’s Birthday is nexy Wednesday! This Saturday, at 6:00 EST and 5:00 Central to 7:30 EST and 6:30 Central, we will have an AWESOME party! I will appoint FOUR TOOTS (unincluding me) to design an AWESOME place for it and a planner! I will post them right now! These Toots are people who are useful for this situation. I will post their jobs and names.

           Krazykid: Host/Designer/Planner/Supervisor/Advertiser

           Readhpfivetimes: Designer

           Swettie: Designer/Planner/Supervisor

          Mrchip: Designer/Planner

         Liloj: Host/designer/planner/supervisor/advertisor/party president

       Thats it! I chose these people because I have actually been planning this for two months and asking Puppet what her best Toot friends are. She gave me these four answers. This party is actually a SURPRISE! KEEP IT FROM PUPPET! If you are one of the Toots who can help, comment saying you can and I will tell you when we can meet. Be there this Saturday!


27 Responses

  1. of course those ppl, of course

  2. How do I design? Do I have to draw something?

  3. puppet doesnt like me?! WAAAH! WAAAAH PUPPET DOESNT LIKE ME! CANT I PLAN TOO? I HAVE GOOD IDEAS! (oops i had capslock on)

  4. WAIT! IM ADDING TO MY FIRST COMMENT! I have good party ideas and may i tell them to u? PLZ??!! ILL BE AT THE PARTY! PLZ LET ME PLAN! IF PUPPET DOESNT LIKE ME TELL HER TO LIKE ME!!! ok maybe dont force her to like me but try to make her one of her friends

    • Hello! PLZ LET ME PLAN ILL DO ANYTHING!!!! (and i mean anything)

      • Oh NVM liloj added me as a planner aready

  5. Ok lilo! I will try my best to help with the party! Should I put it on my blog? If I do will she see it? Would it be best to just send toot emails to everyone? I NEED DA ANSERS!!! lol

  6. oh those ppl….. i kinda wanted to help a lot. but i guess its ok 😦

  7. Hey I got a idea for the party. We can have a volleyball game!!! And maybe soccer if Puppet would like it.

  8. I don’t care. My job sucks. I can’t even design anything except for nothing. Swettie and Krazy got the good jobs. I don’t even think I can be there. I know I”m super negative. SWETTIE LIED! She said, “I was supposed to skip fifth grade.” Then she said she was nine. I can’t believe she skipped second grade if she didn’t want to skip fifth.


  9. Why is it always liloj, krazy, mrchip, and swettie? im not complaining but why?

  10. It’s my bday on the 3rd! Can I have a party too???????????

  11. hey could we go to flappy’s house when hes here for the party? Flappy will only be here for a hour so we could go when hes there.

  12. flappys a she….. DUH

  13. hiya toots!
    I’m sure you have all heard of facebook right…..
    well there will soon be a TOOTSBOOK!
    on tootsville.com you will soon be able to create your very own tootsbook where you can post pictures of your toot, update fun statuses, and post on all your friends walls!

    have fun in tootsville!

  14. Nobody for get about my birthday!! (It’s Sunday at 8:00 At Big Tootona)


  15. I agree with chaosc.
    #1: Liloj has a crush on Swettie.
    #2: Krazy is Liloj’s best friend.
    #3: Chip just is always involved.

  16. i totally agree hp. its true… all of that stuff. sweetie hasnt even been on for awhile so i tihnk someone will get her job… but too late! niec htinking liloj HA! shouldnt have chosen some of the ppl…..

  17. Liloj let Chip design, and I was the designer. And, I hear all the decorations were like boy stuff, not girl stuff. I highly doubt that Puppet told him these were her friends. (Her friends are technically Tootfairy and Louis.) I bet Liloj just suggested those people. I hope someone gatecrashes! I had a little “meeting” with UltimateCatLover about the injustice.

  18. yep.. and it felt good lol


  20. I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.


  21. thanks hp! finally! someone who agrees with me!

  22. Well Ppl Dis Is Weird……I mean not the party but everyone getting upset bc they dont get to decorate or watever (my party is this saturday)

  23. yeah. liloj chip krazy and swettie are really unfair sometimes!

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