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Medal Count CANCELLED!
February 25, 2010

LOL! I thought why do that if there is one for the top ten. So its cancelled. ALSO i am back from my Field Trip. We went skiing, saw two porcupines and………………….. you’de have to be there to understand. Lol. So ill be posting more and everything. Cya in Tootsville!


February 17, 2010

Today, Cupid came and we played Find the Katootal Egg for wings. Everyone got some. It was AWESOME! THEY are AWESOME! I love them. They are like angel wings. I love them!

This is what they look like in your dock. This is what they look like on me.

Sorry to non members and members who didnt get them yet. So, yeah. It was fun. She will be back tonight at twelve EST, but i wont be on THEN! So have fun for people who are on then! Anyways, keep makin’ noise!

Medal Count!
February 16, 2010

The blog will be up in a few minutes, but Swettie brought a good point to me. Why dont you just take the people off the medal leader board in Tootlympics? The answer is because i want more than nine toots in medal count. And you do NOT have to post what type of medal it is, just count how many you get that day.

The Medal Cont Team!!
February 14, 2010

The Medal Count Team is Otiekinz, Swettie, Krazykid,Vincedevin, Naftx, Mrchip, UCL, Cuedee, Capslock,Hedge, who actually won the writing contest, Roses, Scamper, Pufflegirl, Whitepuffle, and waddle.

Sorry if you didnt get chose, and i cut it down to fifteen medal counts. I couldnt think of tons of people, and some i plain didnt want to choose, sorry. These fifteen people must earn as many medals as they can, but always keep track of them. Each night, if they earn any medals, they shall post a comment on the Medal Count Blog, and i will put it into a chart. On mondays,wednesdays, and fridays, i will post the chart. The blog will be made tomorrow.

New Website Open for Short Time Only!
February 14, 2010

I am making a new blog just for medal count. Only certain people can be on it. I will have, lets say, fifteen toots to join beta medal count, then it will go to thirty.  These lucky toots will be on a very special chart for the Counting Tootlympics Medals. After week one. it will be cut down to the top ten. Three days after that, i will cut it down to the top five. Then Two days after that, down to the final three. Then on the VERY LAST DAY of Tootlympics, i will cut it down to the final one. This one person will be the Tootlympian of Toots Exclusive. His/her picture will be posted here on the site and on the Medal Count Blog, be the main VIP at a VERY AWESOME Tootlympics Party! The top Five toots will be the VIP’s though. Then lastly, they will be the Spring TEVIT!  Here are the cutdown dates:




and some other time TBA.

I will also try to get the winner of the Tootlympics to come to the party. There may be one more mix up with the medal count to make it more fun! I am thinking it will be a “trophy” for the winner. But not a REAL one. Like, im still thinking, lol. I think i will draw it, and trust me, it wont be bad! The winner can print it out, and the four other finalists will get “medals” i will also make! Check Medal Count daily to check up. I will post the toots probably right about in a half hour. Of course, its eleven at night, so no one will see this ’till mornin’, so yea.

Tootlympics are Open!
February 14, 2010

Tootlympics are open! We had a huge parade then the torch bearers lit the huge torch. You can win medals, gold, silver, and bronze. I already have around one hundered and fifty, one hundered and fifteen are gold. Lol. I am aiming to win the tootlympics. 🙂 The sun is now out in Tootsville, and snowcone should be leaving soon. There are a ffew secrets in Tootlympics that i cant say. But each game has a trick. Find out the trick, beat the game. One tip i will give you here is that Soccer, if your good at it, gets you a gold medal every time u play it, and if your good you can play it in one minute and thirty nine second, thats my Good luck!

New Blog!
February 13, 2010

This new blog has NOTHING to do with tootsville! It is for the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER! Go to to find exactly what game it is! I think quite a bit of you played this game! But yea.

Snowcone Goodbye Party!
February 13, 2010

Tonight, at seven Central, we will have a Goodbye Snowcone Party! Cant Wait!

February 13, 2010

Warwick wants me to tell you OFFICIALLY that shes comming back today! WOOT! (CLAPS) WOOT! CANT WAIT TO SEE HER!

PS: Thanks for backin’ me up warwick. Your part of the team!

Tootlympics Sneak Peek
February 13, 2010

 I cant show much, but i will show SOME! Tomorrow at 5 EST is will open with a HUGE party! At the party, there will be a parade and THE NEW MAGIC TOOT! Here is a sneak peak:

And lastly,

This is all i will show! All i can say is its SUPER fun! Youll all LOVE it! Also, Snowcone came last night. He said when it gets warm, he will melt and leave. :0 😦 I will miss him SO MUCH! I want to do something for him. Leave comments of what you think would be kool. Something great. Something to make him feel really happy. And just to tell, in the beta Tootlympics the sky is a warm orange. That means ITS WARM! That leads me to believe that Saturday is his last day in Tootsville. Lets make it SPECIAL!