The Medal Cont Team!!

The Medal Count Team is Otiekinz, Swettie, Krazykid,Vincedevin, Naftx, Mrchip, UCL, Cuedee, Capslock,Hedge, who actually won the writing contest, Roses, Scamper, Pufflegirl, Whitepuffle, and waddle.

Sorry if you didnt get chose, and i cut it down to fifteen medal counts. I couldnt think of tons of people, and some i plain didnt want to choose, sorry. These fifteen people must earn as many medals as they can, but always keep track of them. Each night, if they earn any medals, they shall post a comment on the Medal Count Blog, and i will put it into a chart. On mondays,wednesdays, and fridays, i will post the chart. The blog will be made tomorrow.


4 Responses

  1. oh come ON!!!!!! i didnt read this blog soon enough and i already have SOOO many medals of each kind. most are silver is all i know. (i have like ten bronzes i think and i dont know how many golds i have too many of them)


  3. every time we earn i medal we have to comment? isnt it easier if you check the score board and look at the people going in your contest then you count them from the score board in tootsville? its easier lol

  4. what the hay?! why is my sister on there?

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