Medal Count!

The blog will be up in a few minutes, but Swettie brought a good point to me. Why dont you just take the people off the medal leader board in Tootlympics? The answer is because i want more than nine toots in medal count. And you do NOT have to post what type of medal it is, just count how many you get that day.


8 Responses

  1. hi its me. im not acctualy superstar guess who

  2. oh cool woot toot (guess who)

  3. we have to count it??? hmm ok sure ill start today then

  4. and right now i just got eleven medals

  5. now i have twenty in all today

  6. srry for posting so much but i just made three more right now

  7. i got thirty seven medals today

  8. whats the site? I have one hundred and sixty four medals in total at the moment

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