Medal Count CANCELLED!

LOL! I thought why do that if there is one for the top ten. So its cancelled. ALSO i am back from my Field Trip. We went skiing, saw two porcupines and………………….. you’de have to be there to understand. Lol. So ill be posting more and everything. Cya in Tootsville!


7 Responses

  1. super funn activities in tootsville tonight at 8 o’clock!

  2. liloj, plz answer this. ok, so u know the medal leader board for tootalympics? well, pretend you got fourteen medals total, and u got, maybe–ok, ten gold medals, two silver, and two bronze, and i got fifteen medals total, but they’re all bronze, would you be above me on the high-score board?

  3. no. it is only the number of medals that counts. not the type.

  4. hiya toots,

    Don’t forget about movie night tonight at 8 o’clock!!

    have fun in tootsville!

  5. BUT i was supposed to be tenth place; i wasn’t.

  6. yeah i know. its really unfair. it doesnt count all that well.

  7. Hiya toots,

    Be sure to bring your funniest jokes tonight for the joke contest in tootsville tonight at 8 o clock!

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