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Toot Troop Contest!
March 29, 2010

I am hosting a Contest for Toot Troop! There will be 5 levels! For round 1, you must draw a Toot Troop Headquarters. Send all submissions to  The deadline is Wednesday night at 7:00. If there is not at least 8 competetors, it is cancelled. If it isnt, what will happen is i will cut it down to the top five submissions, ask them to draw another thing for Toot Troop, then go to three, then to two, then to ONE PERSON! That person, based on their ideas, will draw it all together, and will get a spot on the Toots Exclusive Team, The Tevitz, and another group to come soon that will triumph against the other two! Have fun and good luck! Take your time.


Spring Break Fun-a-Palooza!
March 29, 2010

 The scedule i tried to make didnt work all that well. So I will just say it here!

Tomorrow at 4:00, there will be a Opening Ceremony, where we will play games and dance and have fun. At 5:30, we will play Duck Duck Toot, Hide and Seek and Toot Spy, until 6:30. Each night, I will post the scedule for the next day. On Wednesday, I have a Dentist Appointment. HELP! Friday im going kayaking. The Dentist I think im NOT going to. But kayaking i am. Saturday is free for me, so on Saturday night, we will have the Closing Ceremony, and there WILL be rewards! And i will announce the winner of an upcoming contest!

March 27, 2010

When we were walking, we stumbled upon shades hideout! Me, krazy, catulus and luxa found it! Here are some pictures!

uThis is when we first got there and Shade had a Peanut Feast!

This is when shade was STILL enjoying our peanuts and was yelling at us.

This is when Krazy got Trapped! We were too, but we just left and came back, but Krazy didn’t want to leave, so Shade took him out of jail because Shade does things people don’t want!

As you can see, we had a AWESOME time exploring his place. I would LOVE to tell you where it is, but i can’t because we all agreed to keep this private till later dates. (except with Louis!)

Keep makin’ Noise!

Spring Break Fun-a-Palooza!
March 22, 2010

Over Spring Break, I will have games planned to occupy your afternoons! I am making the scedule and it should be out tomorrow or maybe even tonight. It will tell what we will do. Tomorrow or so, I will have a sneak peek pre- Fun-a-Palooza contest. It will be explained then. These events will be through the week of March 27 to April 3. Keep making Noise!

Comment Alert
March 22, 2010

I had a VERY bad comment from someone name, Tootbook. It said I am the Original Tootsbook, and some other bad stuff! Including a sware word! If this is you, just tell me, im not mad, its just you cant do that!

Happy St. Patricks Day!
March 18, 2010

Its St. Patricks Day and Eight Pivits are Hidden in Tootsville! Search everywhere to find them all! You can buy a Leprecaun Hat at the clothes store.  Louis came and said hi and we all had fun! Now for some St. Patricks History!

This is the Chicago River. They dye it green for St. Patricks Day each year.

This is Saint Patrick. He was born in Britain, then moved to Ireland as a Slave. He escaped to France where he studied the Christian Religion. He returned to Ireland to turn it to Christianity. 

The colors you think of when you think of this holiday is green. Most people in Ireland dress Orange! Orange stands for the Protestants of Ulster and the Green is for Christianity. These colors are on their national flag. 

Lepracauns. SOme believe them, some dont! ARe they real, personally, i believe not, but others still believe it! 

St. Patricks Day is remembered to show how he helped Ireland and saved it, because the Protestants of Ulster went “extinct” after a long while!

Thats it for Now! Happy St. Patricks Day!

PS: SOrry i havnt posted in awhile, BUSY!

Tootsville Fun!
March 4, 2010

Louis came and we played Name the Price. Boys won! We got two sparkle pivitz and girls only got one. Boys got a cell phone and the glasses. Girls only got glasses. Sparkle should come tomorrow. Due to odd issues, i cant show any pictures of tootsville. 

Also, the auditions, due to these problems, is postponed to Friday at five central time. I might be gone and they might have to be postponed AGAIN. But probably not.

Book Postponed! Other events Postponed also!
March 4, 2010

The book must be postponed until further notice. I am going to re-write a new story line, and new characters. I ALSO want to turn this into the Very First Toots Exclusive Movie! But, tonight at eight thirty central time, i will hold auditions for book parts AND movie parts. Be there! It goes until nine central. It will be in Toots Idol. Sit down quick and dont talk. If u break a rule three times, your disqualified. I will say the rules in the beginning. Also, Tootvivor, Postponed until Summer! It needs some MAJOR re- thinking and AGAIN new toots to compete. Probably in July i will release the dates. And for the book. Hedge is a Co- Director for the movie for her FABULOUS job in the writing contest AND the character that will go into the book. See You in Tootsville!