When we were walking, we stumbled upon shades hideout! Me, krazy, catulus and luxa found it! Here are some pictures!

uThis is when we first got there and Shade had a Peanut Feast!

This is when shade was STILL enjoying our peanuts and was yelling at us.

This is when Krazy got Trapped! We were too, but we just left and came back, but Krazy didn’t want to leave, so Shade took him out of jail because Shade does things people don’t want!

As you can see, we had a AWESOME time exploring his place. I would LOVE to tell you where it is, but i can’t because we all agreed to keep this private till later dates. (except with Louis!)

Keep makin’ Noise!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Lilo,I just want you to know that I posted where it’s at on WOT. But don’t worry! Louis told everyone where it was at already! So It was not doing any harm.

  2. I FOUND IT!

  3. wow thats cool

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