Toot Troop Contest!

I am hosting a Contest for Toot Troop! There will be 5 levels! For round 1, you must draw a Toot Troop Headquarters. Send all submissions to  The deadline is Wednesday night at 7:00. If there is not at least 8 competetors, it is cancelled. If it isnt, what will happen is i will cut it down to the top five submissions, ask them to draw another thing for Toot Troop, then go to three, then to two, then to ONE PERSON! That person, based on their ideas, will draw it all together, and will get a spot on the Toots Exclusive Team, The Tevitz, and another group to come soon that will triumph against the other two! Have fun and good luck! Take your time.


4 Responses

  1. Lilo I’m sorry! Louis came on and told everyone where it was at and we all went there! I didn’t think you would mind.:-[ I hope you can find a way to forgive me. I see I could have done differnt And I’m sorry with all my heart lilo! But if you can’t trust me I understand.:-[


  3. i had a weird dream about this, and i’m not gonna say it. i mean, it was so CREEPY!!!

  4. Grr. I’m already a TEVIT.

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