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First Contest Winner!
April 26, 2010

Pufflegirl is the first winner of the contest. Keep sending in entries!


Fun Contest!
April 26, 2010

I won a trip to a very special town for School. I will have a little riddle type thing. First you must find the town with the help of a number and a website. Then you must find one thing i will do with the help of a riddle.

The number is 52 and the website is

Then three places. Riddle:

This is a place high in the sky. It sits with nothing below and it is high above all of the city. It is big and white. Its special name in numbers is 1  18  3  8

Comment on the blog with your answer and you are in a very special spot for an upcoming event!

Ideas for the play?
April 21, 2010

Hey this is Puppet. For all of you who have signed up to be a part of an up an coming play, I was wondering if any of you had any ideas as to what play we should choose. You can either write your own ideas for a play or suggest a Broadway play that already exists. With an existing play, it must be somewhat short. We could probably cut it down to a reasonable time if we have to.  Also, thanks to everyone that signed up!

Acting Committee Update!
April 18, 2010

I know its been MONTHS since i posted about it, but now we get it back up and running! You must comment to me an,” application” and i will look it over and see what you want. Here is an example of the application.

Acting Committee application

Name:(your name here)

Part:(put the part you wish to have here)

Part:(put another part here in case you cant get your first choice)

Part:( put another part here is you cant get your first or second choice)

Thats it! Its as simple as that! The parts you can get are Directors, there can be only one, actors, ten toots, understudies, ten toots, producer, one toot, narrator, one toot, set designer: three toots. I need at least fifteen applications and you may not get the part you want. Good Luck!

Posting and Comment
April 17, 2010

Im Sorry  I haven’t posted in awhile. I got grounded and have had a limited time on the computer, and none for posting. But I can say i got a comment from this blog saying DO NOT DELETE THIS BLOG so i guess i will stick with wordpress, not blogspot. Now my grounding is over, so i will post more now. Keep on Making Noise~

New Toots Exclusive!
April 4, 2010

I made a new blog and it will take place of this one! It is  I will post new news there. This blog will be here until next week. Then i MIGHT delete it. I am going to decide wether i like this more or that.(right now im leaning towards this!)

April 2, 2010

Its April Fools and Shade has made Tootsville into SHADEVILLE! Heres some pictures!

This is the Home Page. Its really funny!

This is the Town. Theres the Creepy Christmas Tree Shade made for Christmas. Theres a portal where you can go to Shadow Falls. Every few minutes, a Pumpkin, like Jack, comes out and says,” HELLP!”

This is Square West. Theres a Pirate Ship on the Mountain, and, as you can see, theres something missing!

This is the University. I LOVE this room because of the fountain. It made me LAUGH!

As you can see, Tootsville is MIXED UP!

Toot Troop Contest Update!
April 1, 2010

No entries so far! Remember. if i dont get at least 8, I must cancel the contest!

Please send in entries if you haven’t, which NO ONE has, so please send as many as possible in. You can do up to three entries.