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FIFA World Cup Tournament Update!
May 31, 2010

We only have two sign ups! That is ReadHPfivetimes for China and Chaos for America! We need twenty two more toots! Please sign up!!!


Awesome Surprise!
May 28, 2010

This is a special surprise for the Tootsville Summer! Its not actually Tootsville’s, it’s me and puppets. Sorry. I didn’t think about that part i guess. But anyways. It is called,”Puppet and Liloj’s 60 days of Summer!”  Guess how many days it is. I bet you don’t know. Its 60 days long! There will be games, fun, surprises. Be there and you can win AWESOME prizes, have an AWESOME summer, and just feel AWESOME! Starting June 11th with a kickoff-party and, celebrating the FIFA World Cup, we will have a AWESOME Soccer Tournament. To sign up for the tournament, comment here.  There are eight teams to sign up for. They are Britain, South Africa, China, Japan, Brazil, Austrailia, America, and England. We need AT LEAST twenty four signer uppers. Make sure when you comment you have your TOP THREE CHOICES in order from the one you like most to the on you like third most. The fastest commenters will get the team they want. If there is not enough toots, people will double up. Signing up ends Monday June 7th! So sign up! I will tell you the teams a day afterward! Sign up fast!

Toots Exclusive Changes!
May 24, 2010

As Tootsville is, Toots Exclusive is changing! I am looking through different things to change the blog and turn it more fun. It will be a month long period of time. Ending with a small-ish party with the biggest change of them all!!! Tune in here and i will give more information in the next few days. Make some noise!

Puppet’s blog
May 24, 2010

Hey this is Puppet and my brother said I could post about my blog on here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started my own blog, Check it out!


May 17, 2010

I am so sorry i haven’t posted lately! I don’t have an explanation for it, but i’m back to post!

Today, two AWESOME parties happened! Here is the first one. At 11 EST, Louis came. He gave us all two great pivitz! Also, Primarygames came. Louis told us of all the WONDERFUL things coming to Tootsville in the June Tootsville Tune-Up! Here is a list of them!

• New Toot Avatars!

• You will be able to trade and give gifts!

• New Toot Automobiles!

• Big T Ranch coming in the end of May!

• Super World in June!••

• Tool Bar will get Updated!

• Another Laptop Give-a-Way!

• New Clothes and other things

• New Stores

As you can see, June will be SUPER busy! The other party was nearly a replay of the other. Primary didn’t come though!

Lanterns Blog!
May 6, 2010

As you all probably know, Krazykid own a lanterns blog! I am admin of that blog and there is a very interesting comment from Louis there. It says,”Calling all Lanterns I need your help again!!!!!!! All will be revealed June 1st.
The Mayor”                    Cant WAIT! June 1st. Kool!

May 4, 2010

Im sorry. I dont think people like this blog at all. I will get a comment from louis that will tell me his opinion. Please comment and vote wether i should delete this blog or keep it.

TEVITZ Extravaganza!
May 4, 2010

Every day for the next ten days,  there will be a new TEVITZ. Also, alot of new changes are coming up to the TEVITZ and other things. Stay tuned to see more. Next Wednesday at 6:00 EST and 5:00 Central, I will have a special party for all the new TEVITZ and all other Toots to come to. More on that coming up soon too! So be on tonight at 6:50 Central for the first TEVITZ which i will also post here. But for the rest of the days, i will have the mini contests at 6:00 central!

Im Back!
May 4, 2010

Im back from my AWESOME trip! Last night i heard Snowcone came and then Louis came and gave out the Props Pivitz! Not much to say so. BYE BYE!