Lanterns Blog!

As you all probably know, Krazykid own a lanterns blog! I am admin of that blog and there is a very interesting comment from Louis there. It says,”Calling all Lanterns I need your help again!!!!!!! All will be revealed June 1st.
The Mayor”                    Cant WAIT! June 1st. Kool!


4 Responses

  1. OH KOOL! 😀


    Tootsville is giving away another LAPTOP! All this month (May)
    they will be giving clues to how we can win it. The Mayor said that the laptop is
    just one of over 50 prizes to be given out for their big JUNE TOON-UP!

    Not only will there be a whole new slew of adventures coming into Tootsville,
    I hear they are changing the avatars too!

  3. Hey Liloj!

  4. OMGZ. PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ change back to your original template! the new ones get on my nerve!

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