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Awesome CP News!!!
June 28, 2010

I was looking online and i found a blog with a sneak peek of an upcoming igloo that should be out in the next better igloos catalog! Here it is!

I got it from  Isn’t it cool! I REALLY can’t wait until it comes out!!!


Club PenguInn Reservations!
June 28, 2010

Update: Chicker CP, you need to choose an exact day and your time zone!

The Club PenguInn has 3 rooms and a beautiful Lobby. Here is a master picture! The three rooms are Small…..


and Deluxe…….

Room Descriptions

Small: 1 TV, 1 queen sized bed, workspace

Large: 1 TV,1 King sized bed, Workspace, 2 bookshelves

Deluxe: 1 TV, Living space, Workspace, Bunk Bed, 2 Bookshelves


Want a room? No Problem! Just fill out this simple form!

Penguin Name:

Room Type:



Time and Time Zone:

If you book it, i will be there, and if i cannot, we can reschedule!

June 28, 2010

We tried it again but without the wii on. It TURNED THE TV ON AND OFF without the wii on! So it has to do with my basement!

June 27, 2010

Today i had my friend over again. WE tried the wii thing and it worked AGAIN! It turned the TV off again and it said it was,,,,,,,,,,,, a demon. It said it wants to kill us if it could!!

Wierd Wii Experience!
June 27, 2010

Last night i was playing with the wii with my neighbor and my friend were playing wii and it started making strange sound effects. After awhile we found out the noises were giving us answers to some questions. My friend asked it if a blister was on her pinki toe and all the other toes and after asking it about a bunch of wrong toes, we said the right toe, the left big toe, and it said yes. We asked it if it was from the future and it said yes. My neighbor asked it her old address, and it got every part of it correct. She also asked it her birth date, and it got it right. After one of my friends left, we asked it more questions and it got almost every one correct. Then i asked it how it’s communicating with us, and i said are you doing it through technology, and it said yes. I told it to turn of the TV and the TV actually turned off!!!! That was enough for now! We will test it again in a few hours. I will tell you if it works! Also, post your comments telling us what you think it is!!!

Poptropica Skullduggery Walkthrough!
June 20, 2010

WOW!!! I finished it an hour ago, and let me say, it is AMAZING!!! The ending is pretty cool! But!!! Like i said a few days ago, i’ll post the walkthrough. Get ready to read, because this is gonna be a long post!

Fort Ridley.

This part is pretty simple. First, get off the balloon. Go to your right and over the bridge. get off the bridge and onto the very bottom of the screen. Go under the bridge now. There will be a Dubloon (cash). Pick it up. Go back under the bridge then over it again. Go into the general store. Buy some grain. Go to your right and jump on the broken mirror. Go our of the store. Go to your left to a man with two chickens. Give him the grain, he will give you a chicken. Go back across the bridge. Give the man with fleas in his yard the chicken. He will give you a blue candle. Go to your right and climb the mountain. Go into the mansion and go all the way to the right. Talk to the man to the left of the candle. Give him the blue candle.Leave the building.  Go to your right. Jump off the mountain. Talk with the lady at the bottom. Climb back up the mountain and down the opposite side. Go back across the bridge. Go way near the dock. Jump up the tower. Click the telescope. Scope around until you find a little raft. Click the broken mirror. Go down to the dock. Hop on the ship and your ready to sail!!!

Finding the Map Pieces!

In my opinion, this is my favorite part of the island. First go to the Chinese place which is the island in the upper left corner of the ocean. You can see it on the map while sailing. When there, go to your right and jump in the water. Jump on the dragons head. Grab the log. Move the man on the crate to the right of the bell aways. Then ring the bell with the stick. Fish will jump, he will catch one, and give you a map piece. Now go to Bouffant Bay, the island in the upper right corner. Go way to your left until you see a building with three plants hanging from it. Jump up and hit the third plant from the left, then the first, then the second. Grab the map piece. Go to Parrot Port, the island to the middle right. Go to the Peteys Pirate Pub. Grab the cracker in the upper lefft corner of the room. Go outside and talk to the tropical parrot. Do all the tasks he says, then use the cracker. Grab the map piece. Now go to Golden Harbor  and turn on the first lamp, the fourth lamp, the second lamp, then the first again. Grab the map piece. I have to go right now, but tomorrow i will post the rest of the walkthrough!

June 18, 2010

OMG! THERE FORCE FIELD TO WARD OFF SHADES EVIL POWERS! They come in different colors and they are SO cool!!! You will love them!!!

Also, today the new poptropica island, Skullduggery Island is out, just in case some of you wanted to know. Its EXTREMELY hard! You have to just go in circles from port to port to get dubloons (money) so you can buy bigger ships to get captain Crawfish. I’ve been playing for five hours and i only have got fifty thousand dubloons and i have the map pieces. But i need 1,045,000 to beat captain crawfish!!! Its going to take me a couple of weeks…  Ill post some walkthroughs on it probably tomorrow. If not soon….

Another fun website Everyone should try!!!
June 14, 2010

Everyone!! I have played this website for about a year now and i thought alot of people on tootsville are perfect for it. If you like big, awesome adventures, you’ll love this!!! Its called Poptropica!!! Its so fun! There are thirteen islands, Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Super Power, Spy, Astro Knights,Nabooti, Big Nate, Reality TV,  Counterfeit, Mythology, and Skullduggery! Each one has a challenging quest you must complete to earn 1. cash, and 2. a medal. Skullduggery is coming out this Thursday. Its all about Pirate and finding the treasure. Take a look!

Shades Bride Announced!!!
June 14, 2010

OMG! WHAT A SHOCKER!! ITS FLAPPY!! Personally i think this is a little wrong, but yeah. Anyways, they’re gonna have a wedding and stuff! Stay tuned for more newz!

Awesome new June Tune Up!
June 8, 2010

There are some awesome new changes to Tootsville! Like the new homepage! There is GREAT music and other cool pictures on it. The Login page has a new adventure update. Its called Crazy Wig Adventure! Go and get your AWESOME wigs from the girft shop now!!!