Club PenguInn Reservations!

Update: Chicker CP, you need to choose an exact day and your time zone!

The Club PenguInn has 3 rooms and a beautiful Lobby. Here is a master picture! The three rooms are Small…..


and Deluxe…….

Room Descriptions

Small: 1 TV, 1 queen sized bed, workspace

Large: 1 TV,1 King sized bed, Workspace, 2 bookshelves

Deluxe: 1 TV, Living space, Workspace, Bunk Bed, 2 Bookshelves


Want a room? No Problem! Just fill out this simple form!

Penguin Name:

Room Type:



Time and Time Zone:

If you book it, i will be there, and if i cannot, we can reschedule!


4 Responses

  1. Name: Chicker
    Room: DELUXE!!!!!!!!!
    Time: 1:00

    NICE IDEA!!!!

  2. Oops. Sorry. Ummmmmm

    Time: 2:00
    Time Zone: Pacific

  3. NAME: Tissuebox543
    ROOM: do i REALLY care??? jk. idc
    SERVER: Toboggan
    DATE: 6-28-10
    TIME: five, central time

  4. MONDAY!

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