Hi! This is my first post……. By iPod touch! I’m cping right now! Lol anyways, yeah…. Bye!


6 Responses

  1. FINALLY U POST!!!!!!

  2. sweet! Ps dont use this email address please.

  3. Do you play Animal Crossing: City Folk? If ya do, do u have a friend code, and if ya do hav one, what is it, and ur name of the town, and name?

  4. Hey Liloj, did you see PuffleGirl126. or PuffleGirl127 walking around? Well Ive been hacked. 😦 😦 😦

    WAAAAH. WAAAAH. Well anyway, just wanted to let you know. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me if you see them and take a picture if you can. Post it on my blog. Well, just that you saw them, not the picture. But you still work for my blog, I didnt update yet.

  5. Well post something, and btw I’m on my dads ipad


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