Member Council!


Do you have an idea that could help make Tootsville a better place? Well then, sign up here! We discuss the positives and negatives of ideas and give our great ones as suggestions to Tootsville! Every two months, we will hold an election for Toots Council President, Vice President, Advisor, and Treasurer. These 4 will run the meetings somewhat with a facilitator, me or another trusted person, and will talk about events and ideas. Meeting will be every other Saturday at 8:00 EST. First election date is December 20. First meeting is November 20th. Sign up today by way of comment and on November 18th i will announce who is in it so far! So lets make Tootsville a better place to be!

Tootsville Leadership Institute

This is a group of chosen people who prove themselves to be leaders in Tootsville. I will teach you how to be a good leader and how to cooperate with other people. This is a two year institute and you must be sure you can stick in it that long. New members will be chosen once a year, always on December 20, but in 2010, it will be in a couple of days, for the next year and a month. This is a fun opportunity to learn and develop your leadership skills!


One Response

  1. I want to sign up! Oh yea and anyway, my idea is to have guides that know their way around Tootsville. When new people arrive, they say hi and welcome them. When any new toots have questions or need help with something, they guides will answer them.

    Its like JrCybearGuides in Build-a-Bearville!

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